You're the only one who can stop the Empress Zi, because she's who you're destined to become. 

Interact and walk with arrow keys. Envelop your past to change the future. End the game by crossing the red line.

Developed for AGBIC Jam (2018), bit.WAV is a small exploratory title created in Bitsy for WAV, FantomGFX's  submission to My Famicase Exhibition.  This game was developed with FantomGFX's permission, and the cover is Fantom's individual design, with all respective rights/copyright.

There is also an associated soundtrack created by Fantom here, and for enhanced gameplay, these are my recommendations for each track per room:


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Love the colours,  effects, and the design and writing in total.

I enjoyed this a lot. The plot is meted out in an interesting way that keeps things moving.

Two small things that would improve it imo:

  • If the player sprite had transparency on it, the middle room would look better.
  • If you can work out how to get the music into the game proper, that'd be awesome :)

Thanks for making it!

There could have been my empire and now its gone :( Neat colors and abstract but the parts I understood well written story